Monday, November 13, 2006

Developer's laziness

Today evening I wanted to find some places I visited in Asia through GoogleEarth (GE), match them to my pictures and publish them on my website. I want to match GE location either for single picture (if it makes sense) or for the whole chapter (e.g. Luang Prabang - ancient Lao capital). Steps I have to proceed are:
1. Find place in GE (it's pleasure)
2. Save GE's placemark as KMZ in local disk
3. Copy KMZ(s) to remote server
4. Update MySQL databse (using SQL - not PHPMyAdmin)
5. Say "%$&*($A@#^*" if I have to repeat this operation many times.

I created simple framework in PHP for browsing SQL database and display my pictures (I did it in PHP because I didn't know JSP at that time :) Unfortunately now I am very lazy person and don't want to loose time at home improving this to support DnD (drag'n drop) - but I think I should. It would save my precious time ;) Maybe I will implement such web framework in the future - maybe there is existing one? But how many picture publishing frameworks support GoogleEarth placemarks?

Anyway I know that I write gibberish but I just wanted to say that even if people (like me in this example) have many interesting ideas (I consider my idea interesting and useful - what is more important ;) they don't have time to put these ideas in life. How many great engineers passed away without doing great things they had in mind? That's pathetic how our life is restraining us - we only shop, vote, get cancer and die (like Americans say :)


Anonymous said...

Good developers don't reinvent the wheel :-P

Anonymous said...

I have the urge to work on my great idea... Whew! Tkank Goodness it passed. [Garfield]