Wednesday, November 08, 2006

I don't like Sun's policy...

I don't like Sun's policy regarding sharing Java certification information. I asked them yesterday whether I can share Sun Certified Java Developer's assignment given to me in order to implement: "I want to ask whether it is legal for me to publish such information (I mean assignment instruction and my solution including source code) on e.g. my public blog? I want to share my knowledge with other people who want to take this exam but I don't want to break the law.". I received response today in which they state: "It is against Sun policy for you or any other candidate to share his or her assignment with others. Sun Certification assignments are considered Sun's intellectual property.".

Well I generally understand Sun and I support such policy because I think that everybody who wants to take this exam has to do this by her/himself. On the other hand everyone who takes this exam receives different assignment - why shouldn't I publish my design problem and my solution?

What do you think?

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