Thursday, February 07, 2008

Is it JavaScript... (appendix)

In this post I described the problem with transparent/translucent PNG files in MSIE < 7.

I found the solution to make all PNG images on your HTML page display correctly in MSIE using two lines of JavaScript code - see
I was very happy that I solved the problem - it looked perfect!

Unfortunately, pretty shortly, I found the issue that disqualifies this solution. More so I think that also Google Maps uses the same solution for their components (if you put PNG as a component on the Google Maps it is displayed correctly even in MSIE).

The problem is that you cannot apply <MAP> to the image if you use this solution. Well, <MAP> will be still working in the Firefox but in MSIE if you try to move mouse on your image areas you will not see cursor changing and you will not be able to click it.

If I find better solution I'll let you know :)

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