Monday, June 09, 2008

Scrum teaser

I prepared Scrum presentation for engineers in consulting company I work in and I had to make up some teaser to make people interested in coming to this event. I actually didn't make this thing up but plagiarized (shame on me! ;) Ken Schwaber's book. I think this a good yet very very shallow Scrum introduction for morons.

Most people responsible for managing projects have been taught a deterministic approach to project management that uses detailed plans, Gantt charts, and work schedules. Scrum is the exact opposite. Unlike these tools, which practically fight against the project's natural momentum, Scrum shows management how to guide a project along its optimal course, which unfolds as the project proceeds.

One of the reasons why Scrum works is that it dramatically shortens the feedback loop between customer and developer, between wish list and implementation, and between investment and return on investment.

Scrum doesn't focus on delivering just any increment of business value; it focuses on delivering the highest priority business values defined by the customer (Product Owner).

Scrum turns small teams into managers of their own fate. Scrum Teams accept a challenge and then figure out how to meet that challenge, detouring around roadblocks in creative ways that could not be planned by a central control and dispatching center.

Nice, huh? I wish these were my words :)


Michael Vizdos said...

Great posting. Short and sweet!

For more information about Scrum you may also want to check out the comic strips and blog entries at

Przemysław Bielicki said...

Thanks for the link!