Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Video tutorial: functional testing with Selenium IDE

In this tutorial I'm presenting Selenium IDE - a tool for recording and replaying functional tests of web based applications. I'm showing how to record a simple test, test for Ajax-enabled application and how to replay such tests in Firefox web browser. I'm not showing how to start Selenium tests from Continuous Integration server in this tutorial - this is a subject for separate post.

I tried to make this tutorial short yet valuable and I hope you will see great value in Selenium IDE tool which is an open-source and free for commercial use. With Selenium tests you are able to test your web applications from the user's perspective, not from the code perspective. This greatly simplifies the acceptance testing and lets you know about all problems as soon as they arise.
Selenium tests should be considered as complimentary testing to unit tests - the best idea is to combine them both to get the best results. Unit tests should test your code and Selenium tests should test features available for your users.

I hope you will like it.

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