Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Video tutorial: Test Driven Development with Mock Objects

In this eleven minute tutorial I'm presenting TDD with mocking technique using JUnit 4.x and EasyMock library. This is more advanced example of Test Driven Development - video tutorial on basics can be downloaded from here: Test Driven Development in practice.

Source code for this tutorial can be downloaded here (you can find also Eclipse project files in this bundle, so it's easy to import the project directly to your IDE - NetBeans users have to create a new project and add relevant classpath changes). Note that external.jar was built with Java 6 and thus you have to use at least JDK version 6 to be able to compile and run the example.

Enjoy and comment the video if you find it useful or useless. I'm really curious what you think about the video as well as about the mocking technique in general.

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