Friday, May 15, 2009

Java Concurrency Bugs/Programmer's Errors

Alex Miller has been posting very interesting series on Java concurrency bugs (or pitfalls programmers could fall into). Especially interesting is the last post: Inconsistent synchronization. This post is most probably inspired by the problems Alex discovered in Hibernate statistics and I am pretty proud I was able to find possible concurrency issues reading the code. Anyway, I was not able to fully and correctly solve those issues.

The conclusion for me is that I thought about "magic" solution instead of the correct one i.e. I suggested that declaring a integer field as volatile would solve the issue. In fact it would but the "correct" solution to this problem is using AtomicInteger from java.util.concurrent.atomic package.

Another conclusion is to remember to keep bombarding your Java code with FindBugs - it can find many many Java issues in your code (not only related to concurrency).

The rest of the Alex's series (so far) is here:
Java Concurrency Bugs #4: ConcurrentModificationException
Java Concurrency Bugs #3 - atomic + atomic != atomic
Java Concurrency Bugs #2 - what to synchronize on
Java Concurrency Bugs #1 - mutable statics

Enjoy you Java Concurrency Issues ;)

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