Thursday, July 23, 2009

Visual VM - a great Java tool you were waiting for!

Picture (c) VisualVM
I planned to publish this post some months ago but unfortunately I was too busy to do so. I'm still busy :) but I can write couple of sentences about VisualVM - a VISUAL (no surprise) tool for monitoring Java applications. If you had to monitor state of your Java systems you probably already know JConsole - a JMX console to you Java stuff. Of course, you can just connect to JVM's JMX services and monitor almost every aspect of VM but the way data is not presented in a very friendly manner. Some differences between VisualVM and JConsole are described in this article.

Anyway, VisualVM is an absolutely GREAT tool to monitor Java apps. You are able to see all threads (with possible deadlocks), memory state (heap and stack), profiling information on CPU and memory utilization, etc. VisualVM has pluggable architecture and you can find many useful addins to it including JConsole plugins. This way you will be able to use only on tool and get rid of JConsole (which is a great tool too).

More details and full-blown tutorial can be found here:

More advanced topics are described here:

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Présentation de Scrum pour Riviera JUG

Picture (c) Riviera JUG
Hier, j'ai présente Scrum exclusivement pour Riviera Java User Group dans le Mistral Auditorium d'Amadeus. Mon public, environs 120 personnes est venu de Sophia Antipolis, Antibes et de région de Nice en général. Selon le retour que j'ai reçu après ma présentation, elle était un grand succès. Maintenant j'attends les réponses de participant au sujet de la création et la participation dans Riviera Agile User Group. J'espère ce groupe sera bientôt crée et nous pourrons réunir régulièrement et présenter nos idées et échanger nos expériences a'propos d'agile.

Si vous êtes intéresses par la projet comme Riviera Agile User Group, vous pouvez me contacter.

Si vous êtes (ou vous travaillez pour) une société qui pourrait financer les réunions mensuels (nous aurons besoin de la salle de conférence, des boissons et snacks environs 200-400 EUR) , je serai ravi de le savoir. Cela serait une bonne promotion pour vous car les méthodes agile gagnent plus en plus de la popularité ici au sud de France - vous serez bien VISIBLE si vous décidez de nous aider.

La résume de la dernière présentation, aussi que les slides et les photos vous pouvez trouve ici.J'espere que la video va apparaitre bientot.

Scrum presentation for Riviera JUG

Picture (c) Riviera JUG
Yesterday I presented Scrum exclusively for Riviera Java User Group in Amadeus' Mistral Auditorium. My audience was about 120 people from Sophia Antipolis, Antibes and Nice area in general. According to the feedback I received the presentation was a big success and now I'm waiting for the answers from attending people whether they are interested in creating and participating to Riviera Agile User Group. I hope we will create such initiative shortly and will be able to meet regularly presenting ideas, thoughts and experiences on agile subjects.

If you are interested in open initiative such as Riviera Agile User Group please contact me.

If you are (or work for) a company that would like to sponsor such monthly events (we will need conference room, some beverages and snacks i.e. 200 - 400 EUR) I would love to know about it. It will be a great marketing for you as the agile methods gain more and more popularity here in southern France - you will be very VISIBLE if you decide to help us.

Summary of the last meeting, slides and pictures can be found here. I hope the video will follow shortly too.