Thursday, July 16, 2009

Scrum presentation for Riviera JUG

Picture (c) Riviera JUG
Yesterday I presented Scrum exclusively for Riviera Java User Group in Amadeus' Mistral Auditorium. My audience was about 120 people from Sophia Antipolis, Antibes and Nice area in general. According to the feedback I received the presentation was a big success and now I'm waiting for the answers from attending people whether they are interested in creating and participating to Riviera Agile User Group. I hope we will create such initiative shortly and will be able to meet regularly presenting ideas, thoughts and experiences on agile subjects.

If you are interested in open initiative such as Riviera Agile User Group please contact me.

If you are (or work for) a company that would like to sponsor such monthly events (we will need conference room, some beverages and snacks i.e. 200 - 400 EUR) I would love to know about it. It will be a great marketing for you as the agile methods gain more and more popularity here in southern France - you will be very VISIBLE if you decide to help us.

Summary of the last meeting, slides and pictures can be found here. I hope the video will follow shortly too.


Artem Marchenko said...

Nice presentation. Good luck with establishng the local group!

Przemysław Bielicki said...

Thanks Artem!