Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Spring 3.0 goes public

Here it is

Spring 3.0 is here and I hope it will serve Java developers as good as the previous releases. Spring Framework used to be de facto Java EE standard and I believe it will remain so for the next couple of years:

For some very recent news, Spring 3.0 GA is compatible with Java EE 6 final in terms of runtime environments now (e.g. on GlassFish v3 as released last week) and supports JPA 2.0 final already (e.g. using EclipseLink 2.0). We also support the newly introduced @ManagedBean (JSR-250 v1.1) annotation for component scanning now, which nicely complements our @Inject (JSR-330) support for annotation-driven dependency injection.

More details in these posts:

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