Monday, March 08, 2010

How to create Mylyn Connector Plugin - part 1

Quite recently I struggled with my company's internal bug tracker, especially lack of Mylyn integration in Eclipse. The easiest way to make it work was just to develop it :) I started with Mylyn/Integrator Reference but as usual Eclipse documentation sucks (I used to develop a lot of SWT/JFace applications and the best documentation I found was outside of Eclipse). It's too short, too shallow and most of all written by/to people who knows Mylyn APIs and architecture quite well. As far as I understand someone who wants just to integrate Mylyn with some bug tracker doesn't have to have this kind of knowledge, but I also understand that Mylyn guys don't really have time for stuff like this.

Anyway, I also found very short tutorial ( explaining in a bit more details how to create Eclipse PDT project etc. But this tutorial doesn't explain all the tiny details that made me spend many hours wondering HTF it should all work together.

In this short series of posts I'll try to give you much simpler tutorial (for morons like me) how to start new Mylyn Connector Plugin even if you're new to Eclipse Plug-in Development. I'll save your time!

OK - let's start. First video shows how to checkout Eclipse Mylyn and Trac packages (only packages required for connector development reference). In all tutorials authors say that you should take Trac Connector as example but they never point to concrete CVS repository and CVSROOT directory. I do:

Second video shows how to create new Mylyn connector project and make it visible in the new Mylyn Connection wizard (I took icons from Trac for simplicity - you can/should use your own). All steps in this tutorial are MANDATORY - if you miss something I'm 99.9% sure it will not work:

Enjoy and stay tuned for more videos in the upcoming weeks...

PS. I used Eclipse 3.5 (Galileo):