Thursday, December 15, 2011

Maven2 → Maven3 migration - real life example

Couple of months after JDK 7 release I decided to update my projects to build on both new JDK and Maven3 (Maven2 previously). From JDK 7 I was expecting nothing new as the codebase of our projects should be migrated step by step as soon as the Ops start supporting new application servers that could run on Java 7. More important things were expected from Maven3, namely we wanted to shorten build time, that we already optimized by 20% using Maven2 by smart initialization of our unit tests (but that's another story). In this post I will explain what I had to change to make this happen.

Monday, December 05, 2011

FW: Garbage collection in HotSpot JVM

There is an excellent new post from Alexey Ragozin on JVM Garbage Collector:
He posted almost all basics you should know about different types of GCs, how to enable them in HotSpot JVM and most importantly when to enable them.

Just go there and read it!